President Message

On behalf of myself, welcome to the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce official website.  I encourage you to bookmark our site and check back often to stay connected to the Chamber events and other news.
I am honored to be the President and Chair of this exciting and diverse association of community minded businesses and organizations.  The Sylhet Chamber of Commerce is an organization that values and promotes the interest of the local business community.  There is a deep understanding amongst our members, staff and Board that a vibrant local business economy builds a stronger community overall.

The Sylhet Chamber of Commerce is engaged in a variety of work to support our members.  We place a high degree of importance in providing value for our members through a number of opportunities including advocacy, training and networking.  Through our various committees and events, we ensure to provide new and exciting opportunities for our members to strengthen their business, their employees, and themselves.  We understand that running a business is a lot of work and that time is precious, so we try to ensure that we provide meaningful and effective ways for our members to engage with the community as well as advocate on business issues that affect our broad membership so that members can focus on running their business.

Many new opportunities will be presented in this upcoming year that the Chamber must focus on as the world continually changes around us.  To ensure that we are staying on the right track, we have adopted a new two year strategic plan with these prime objectives:

    1. To be the “Voice of Business.”
    2. To promote economic growth.
    3. To demote the rate of unemployment by setting up enterprises.
    4. To excel as a member-driven organization & support to the local business personnel.
    5. To increase export import with all possible countries.

Whether you are looking for information on starting your own business or you are looking forward to invest in Sylhet, you will find a number of committed business partners and members in this association that can assist you.
Personally, I look forward to serving our members, staff, and volunteers in a year filled with opportunity as we develop new partners, relationships, and build a strong community together.
We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you during the year.  You, our members are the foundation of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce & Industry and together we will continue to be “The Voice of Business” in Sylhet region as well as all over the country.

Tahmin Ahmed
The Sylhet Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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